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How do I achieve an acting career?

This is as complex as "the secret of life" in some ways and I will attempt an answer with the same delicacy. If you aren't obsessed, steeped in and forever searching to delve deeper in the craft you're probably not on the path to career success in this industry. It moves fast, it is protective, it is competitive and it is unique. I believe that you NEED to become part of a community where you are a piece of the gestalt and therefore with offering to support are then supported in return. Your community can come from so many avenues and ventures: film groups, theatre companies and many others, but perhaps most relevant here: classes and a learning community. Classes make you current by creating a ' current' and connecting to others that are studying the same frequency. Classes inevitably become a hive of masterminding to study, use and create the work that becomes the necessary steps to a career.